Annette Bening

Annette Bening has been nominated several times for the Oscar, has won the trophy but have so far never. Actually a shame for such an outstanding actress

Annette Bening

  • Born 29. May 1958 , Topeka, Kansas, USA
  • First Name Annette
  • Name Bening
  • Years 62
  • Size 1.69 m
  • Zodiac Gemini
  • Partner Warren Beatty (married)
  • Children Of Stephen (*1992) ; Benjamin (*1994) ; Isabel (*1997) ; Ella (*2000)

Not everyone knows that

Annette Bening has lost two roles to Michelle Pfeiffer: in "Dangerous Liaisons" as well as in "Batman Returns" Michelle Pfeiffer got the role, for which Annette Bening had pre-recorded. In the case of "Batman Returns" Annette’s pregnancy, however, was the reason for Michelle’s occupation.

Annette Bening is the sister-in-law of Hollywood legend Shirley MacLaine.

Annette Bening role models are Helen Mirren, Frances McDormand, Liv Ullmann and Ingrid Bergman are .

Biography of Annette Bening

It seems that Annette Bening would have been the spectacle in the cradle, but her skills, she has developed all by themselves. Annette Bening grew up as the youngest of four children in Kansas, and later the family moved to California. Bening’s mother sang in Church, her father an insurance broker was. No glamor in the nursery, fortunately would you think, if you look at the wise and well-reflected actress .

An early passion

Already in High School, the young Annette Bening for the spectacle and took a look interested in the game courses. After High School graduation was able to finally focus fully on the art, and drama, studied in the San Francisco game, after that, she learned the profession "American Conservatory Theatre" of the pick and stand there on the stage. After that, she moved further into the city that never sleeps – New York. She played on Broadway and was prompt in 1987 for her role in "Coastal Disturbances" for the coveted "Tony-Award" nominated. Thereafter, the theatre, the actress dared in front of the camera, first in smaller roles for television. As you in the movie "Valmont" occurred, she was quick sought-after Hollywood actress.

Nominations on nominations

Here, Annette Bening is always a good feeling for the selection of their roles. For your presentations in "Grifters", "American Beauty", "Being Julia" and "The Kids Are All Right" was nominated in the actress for the Oscar .

Unfortunately, they went out at the Oscars is always empty, but hope remains. After she was four times nominated for the Golden Globe, it has worked out in 2005, at last: For her role in "Being Julia" she received the trophy, in 2011 they were joined by "The Kids Are All Right" even a second of it. So the next Time a Oscar should be in it .

But also in the other direction, Annette Bening has outstanding achievements: in 2009, she was the worst actress in "The Women" nominated. But it happens to the Best.

Annette Bening private

Annette is a busy woman, what she enjoys very much as it has myself once in an Interview tell. But the family comes first, "Yes, I play the show. But first of all, I am the mother of four children, and second wife." The wife of Were Beatty, the work in 1991 during the filming of "Bugsy" met. The two fell in love and got married in 1996. The Couple now has four children together.

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