Author and mother Jenna Behrends “family policy is not made for pensioners”

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Politician and author Jenna Behrends: "Family policy is not made for pensioners "

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  • 04.12.2019

In our project "GALA – We Are Family" we shed light on the family life with all its UPS and Downs. Today, a politician and mother Jenna settles Behrends with the German family policy and provides incentives, as it is better able to run .

What is wrong with Germany’s family policy? Pretty much everything finds a politician, author, and Two-mommy Jenna Behrends. Your Book "Raven’s Father State", in the spring of 2019 appeared, settles relentlessly with the outdated and inefficient models. We spoke with the young mother about her ideas for a better family policy.

“Justice is a chameleon that is constantly changing.” You have keenly observed that people without children feel just as disadvantaged as families. How can we create better understanding for each other ?

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We all benefit from children, regardless of whether we have families or not. Children will not only have to pay our pensions without offspring, there would be no innovation in science and culture. It’s true: a Lot of tax money, and taxes are incorporated in the family benefits. But if we account for investments in education, future pension payments look at the total, etc., then financially the benefit of children. It is absolutely okay to not have children, there are various reasons, but at the moment we are to burden parents too much. How often do we go as parents to bed at night and have re-played the feeling of too little, cuddled and to have a laugh? The responsibility for the Stress we are looking mostly at ourselves. It is simply not possible to comfort a child faster, or the Good-night story to read faster .

We need to change the social conditions. It is not about to open up parents ‘ time for the next holiday to Italy, but time for your children. Would help, as is the case with many topics to talk about with each other. Understanding grows through the exchange. For this, children need to remain an integral and present part of our society .

Your book, the Definition of “family is where children are” can be used. Why does Germany like the classic role of “marriage + working father + mother + children” thinking ahead?

The reality looks however differently. Families live together in very different constellations. We finally need a government that gives families the freedom to live your life the way you want it and not how a tax model it pretends to be. Our family policy is still oriented at the traditional breadwinner-housewife-kid-dog-family. However, family policy should be for all children alike? No matter how their parents divide the work among themselves, and whether they are married or not? I am convinced that policy can be successful only if you lose the reference to the lived life. My Generation has a different idea of a successful life than our parents. The policy needs to respond finally. Family policy is not made for pensioners .

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Nearly 150 marriage-and family-related individual services at the Federal level there is already. A jungle that no one can really penetrate. Only a drastic clear-cutting for the new beginning?

Money, money, always money. More creative ideas seems to have the German family policy for decades, had not. However, it is not enough to increase the children’s money to a few euros. Instead, we need to clean up the mess that have created the many family-oriented policies in the first place. On the one hand, the state expected women to work as quickly as possible after the birth, again, on the other hand, he supports you the most when you stay at home. Often, the effects cancel each other out .

Any other we would ask in this Situation: What do you want now? In addition, family-policy benefits must be finally bundled. You should so easy to understand and to apply to be like a children’s puzzle. A Central point of contact for family issues would be a way, because at the moment money advance and the number of school places different Places are for children and each Time, the other side must be filled out long paper forms .

Children’s choice would have been entitled, had for a long time more benefits, or?

At the moment, the Situation looks like this: on average, the older Generation benefits for families is more sceptical about than young people. More flexible working hours for parents, which the children would benefit in the pension generation, e.g., 50 percent less consent. In our country, more and more older people live, however, and that is still a reliable choice as a boy. Family policy is therefore not just the subject area, with the parties in the case of a large group of voters can points. In order to achieve something for families, we need the solidarity of the older Generation. I think it is to promote the better way for more solidarity between the generations, as the voting age be lowered to strong .

An advanced Minister is not enough. We need the whole Cabinet.

“The Good-Kita-law promotes the employment of mothers is hardly” analyzes a recent study by the DIW. The German policy also decides 2019 to the life reality of the people over in spite of various female Ministers with children?

The study I think is very meaningful. Data on the effect of the Good-Kita-law are still missing. The study only analyzes Federal States, in which the contributions for the last school year before Enrollment were abolished. I find it hard to believe that in this period, great changes can take place. What’s in it for me, when the last kindergarten year free of charge, but I have to grab for the after-school care in the elementary school, immediately back deep in the pocket. For such a short period of time any family will but their division of labor, after you got used already several daycare years .

In addition, some women are not so easy to work with and more: Many women would increase their hours of work, like, after they have been reduced for the children. Often that does not, however, because the employer agrees or the working hours would be outside of the opening Hours of the childcare. By the way, will not change with the Good-Kita-law, all from today to tomorrow .

The division of labour between the parents is based on age-old structures, which are not within the shortest time leave. Especially, I would like to stress on the subject of mothers in gainful employment again and again: it’s not Our intention that all full-time work. No one except the families themselves will fight to ensure that family still has space and time in our lives. An advanced Minister is not enough. We need the whole Cabinet.

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