Beautiful Holidays: as nice As the summer is

Wins with saferSUN 36 Holiday Packages Simply glued to the skin and the sun is sure to enjoy Whether on the beach or in the mountains , in Sport, or game, or on the private balcony: Who wants to enjoy the summer and the sun is carefree, is in need of effective sun protection. The label mimics the structure of your skin and changes its color from transparent to violet , if you are not more protected from the sun . The application of saferSUN is simple and straightforward and works without any AIDS: The purple saferSUN Sticker is simply applied to the skin . Wearing sunscreen and protecting the skin from UVA and UVB rays, the saferSUN Sticker is transparent and on the skin is practically invisible, as long as the sun cream works. Thanks to a patented technology, the intelligent UV-Warning-Sticker loses the sunscreen with the same speed as the skin. As soon as the effect of the sun diminishes, the protection means changes the color of saferSUN back to violet: Then again a sufficient quantity of sun protection applied. The Mission of saferSUN is to reduce the risk of skin cancer. saferSUN would like to encourage everyone to enjoy the sun responsibly by saferSUN the Knowledge to sunburn, skin aging and to prevent skin cancer as much as possible. Simply enter your information in the contest form, and with a little luck, you’ll be drawn soon! Good Luck

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