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"BEST OF…! Germany’s fastest Ranking Show"

You know people who would have been this week, better in bed, everyday heroes, deserving this week a big order or event, and should remain this week’s secret? In "BEST OF…! Germany’s fastest Ranking Show" RTL shows the most exciting big issues, the most moving Stories and the most amazing pictures, about the UK or Germany.

If Nude pictures in the Bundestag, a wine of Putin, the next big meat scandal, or a paralyzed Ex-surfer, thanks to its imaginative sons of the rich finally back on the Surf Board is on the way – daily life writes the strangest, funniest and most emotional stories.

Another component of the ranking show service themes for the whole family on the theme of money, leisure or holiday, the gift-exchange tips that you will not know guaranteed to be the most unusual bargains-Tricks for summer holidays 2015 are in addition to the timeliness and some of the crazy Internet Video .

In the entertaining Rankings in the RTL viewer will also receive many practical tips for everyday life. How to open for example a wine bottle without a corkscrew, or peeling a Mango easily with a glass of Water?

With "BEST OF…! Germany’s fastest Ranking Show" is informed the viewers in just 60 minutes top, and at the same time entertained. In the info network produced Format can be laughed at – times emotional, at times informative, crying and amazed to be. And in the end, the viewer is almost certainly a little bit smarter.

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