Corinna Harfouch

It is one of Germany’s very Large. Corinna Harfouch convinced with a lot of Talent and is wonderfully understated, when it comes to their profession .

Corinna Harfouch

  • Born 15. In October 1954 , Suhl, GDR
  • First Name Corinna
  • Name Harfouch, born. Meffert
  • Years 65
  • Size 1.68 m
  • Zodiac Libra
  • Partner Wolfgang Krause Zwieback (since 2004) ; Bernd Eichinger (1999-2004) ; Michael Gwisdek (divorced, 1985-2007) ; Stefan Maass ; Nabil Harfouch (divorced)
  • Children Daughter ; John (*1980) ; Robert (B. 1984)

Not everyone knows that

Her daughter, dates from the first marriage with the Syrian computer scientist Nabil Harfouch, grew up after the separation with her father. Today, she lives in Toronto, Canada.

In the case of the shooting "Bibi block mountain and the secret of the blue owls" Corinna Harfouch experienced a near-death experience. In the case of a Stunt in the wild-water river, they wanted to make themselves, drowned almost. "At some point I was under water and no longer came to the surface. Curiously, I’ve acted entirely correctly: I’ve just done nothing at all. I thought: Close your mouth. And then I thought: Now they should come soon, though. And then I was gone. First everything was black, then pulled the white threads over to me, and then everything was a blinding white ." Luckily, she was saved in time .

The aging looks left: "Aging is a matter of course. And therefore, you should arrange appropriately so. I can start with all this discussion, nothing ".

Biography of Corinna Harfouch

Brittle, cold, aloof – these are just some of the adjectives with which the award-winning character actress Corinna Harfouch is described. However, all of the plays suddenly no longer, if it occurs as an actress in action and all of your colleagues play with ease on the wall .

Childhood and youth in the GDR

And grew up the talented thespian in the GDR is born, more precisely, in the Saxon town of Großenhain. After graduating from high school, it seemed not so, as Corinna Harfouch would want to pursue a career in the spotlight. Instead, they first completed a training as a General nurse and then at the Technical University of Dresden to study for a textile engineer .

Making-of the Film

"He" – behind-the-Scenes

In the second attempt at acting

But that was not the right one for you. Corinna Harfouch wanted to be on the stage and so she applied at the renowned Hochschule für schauspielkunst Ernst Busch in Berlin. In the first attempt, you failed, but the second audition led to success, and it was recorded. After her acting studies Harfouch landed roles in various theatre, played at the volksbühne Berlin, and was increasingly seen in the movies. Her first big success in front of the camera, the title role in 1988 was "The Actress".

Corinna Harfouch puts on an unparalleled career

After the turn of Corinna Harfouch was in the Berlin theatre scene for the critically-acclaimed Star. She played at the Deutsches Theater, for a long time again on the national stage and at the Berlin schaubühne am Lehniner Platz. Today, Corinna Harfouch, who has made off with the years in addition to her theatre work also in cinema and TV a big name can look back on an impressive career, with almost all of the major awards. After numerous Film Successes such as "The Actress" (1988), "To err is male" (1996), "Perfume – The story of a murderer" (2006), it is 2019 in the Netflix series "Time of the secrets" to see Christiane Paul. To mention only a few of her awards: Among Corinna Harfouchs trophies a Golden camera for the category are already "best German actress", a Grimme prize and the German film award for her role in the Film "Vera Brühne". In the 2019 appeared in the Film "Lara" of Director Jan-Ole Gerster, it is admired as the eponymous main protagonist to .

The most famous movies and series with Corinna Harfouch

  • 1988: The Actress
  • 1992-1993: Our Teacher Doctor Specht (TV Series)
  • 1994: Charlie & Louise – das doppelte Lottchen
  • 1996: to Err is male
  • 1997: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
  • 2002-2006: Eva Blond (TV-Series)
  • 2002 Bibi Blocksberg
  • 2002: Erkan & Stefan against the forces of darkness
  • 2004: The Decline Of
  • 2004: Bibi blocksberg and the secret of the blue owls
  • 2006: perfume: The story of a murderer
  • 2006: elementary particles
  • 2008: Berlin Calling
  • 2008: a year ago In Winter
  • 2011: no Sex is no solution
  • 2012: 3 Rooms/Kitchen/Bathroom
  • 2013: the dark world
  • 2015: Jack
  • 2015: Blochin – the Living and The dead (TV mini-series)
  • 2016: Emma after midnight – woman hell (TV series)
  • 2017: Much too close
  • 2017: Fack ju Göhte 3
  • 2018: Who actually invented the love ?
  • 2019: the time of secrets (Netflix mini-series)
  • 2019: Lara

Corinna Harfouch is "The scene of the crime"-Commissioner

Starting in 2022, Corinna Harfouch will be the partner of Mark Waschke, also known as detective Robert Karow in Berlin "The scene of the crime". Thus, it takes over from fellow actress Meret Becker. The 65-Year-old has so much. We may be curious, as revealing as a COP in Berlin crime .

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