German film award In 2020, So the Gala runs

German film award In 2020: the Gala runs

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  • 24.04.2020

In spite of Corona pandemic is today, on the 24. April, the German film award – with a completely new concept and for the first time on live TV.

Who can take this year one of the coveted Lola’s home ?

Who can take this year one of the coveted Lola’s home ?

Today, on the 24. April the 70’s. Award ceremony for the German film prize on the stage. In spite of the Corona-pandemic to "outstanding films of the year in this extraordinary time, their adequate assessment ", Ulrich Matthes (60), President of the German film Academy, said that already at the beginning of April the decision on the appointment record. Under the circumstances, however, had to be a new concept developed .

No Gala, but live in the TV

The German film prize takes place in 2020 without a Gala, but will be the first to see live in the TV (from 22:15 clock in the First). By the evening of the actor Edin Hasanovic (27 again , "Skylines") lead. The Bosnia-born Hasanovic had already moderated 2018 at the side of the actress Iris Berben (69) the award ceremony .

With that, Markus Reinecke ashamed of his children

Berben will occur this year, next to Anke Engelke (54) and Jannis Niewöhner (28) as a Presenter . "Like many others, is fighting our industry currently to your future. Across the country are still working. Cinemas are closed. We don’t know how long that will last. But our goal remains the same: We want to infect the audience with the same love and passion for Film, which is also our driving force. We come in this year for the first Time live in the German living room", thus, Engelke, Anke .

Live Unlock with the winners

In a total of 19 categories for the coveted Lola’s will be awarded. The winners will be connected via Video-Chat live from your living room in the shipment. Two winners are already clear: The filmmaker and author Edgar Reitz (87), will be honoured with the honorary prize for outstanding contribution to German Film. And author and Director Bora Dagtekin (41) and producer Lena Schömann (39) for the Drama "The perfect secret" with an undoped Lola for the "visit the strongest German Film of the year" excellent.

A musical guest has not to be dispensed with. Via Live will Unlock a singer Gregory Porter (48, "Revival") from the USA was a Song the Best give. And instead of an orchestra, DJ Marco Schröder Groove in the 2,400 square meters large, but empty, Studio hall.

Since 1951, awarded

The German film prize is the most prestigious award of the Federal Republic of Germany for German film productions and has been awarded since 1951, a year. As a Symbol of the ceremony, the Lola is awarded Statuette for the best works of the past year. 2019 received the music biography "Gundermann" the Golden Lola as "Best Film".

As favorites, the movies go in this year "Berlin Alexanderplatz" with a total of eleven nominations as well as "System, Sprenger" with ten nominations in the race.

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