Gil Ofarim the First Interview after separation rumors

Gil Ofarim the First Interview after separation rumors For his own

Gil Ofarim: the First Interview after separation rumors.

Gil Ofarim text speaks clearly: the First Interview after separation rumors.

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The whisper propaganda to Gil Ofarim peak in the last period, extremely to. Now, the Rocker makes a clean table and explains why to him the protection of his private life is so important .

Gil Ofarim, 35, lives for his music. In doing so, he makes a clear distinction between himself as an artist and as a private person. These two people seem to the Public more and more to be a become – much to the disapproval of the singer, because he would like to draw a clear border. He did this now, in an Interview with RTL significantly.

How is Gil Ofarim and Verena Brock?

Private the singers together for three years, with Verena Brock. The Couple had a quiet marriage: He and the Dirndl-designer share the love of Yoga, both are very spiritual and want a balanced life. The marital happiness is crowned by two children: son, Leonard, 3, celebrated this week, the first birthday of his little sister Anouk. But nevertheless, the Couple should live, allegedly, for quite some time apart. A rumor about the Gil does not would like to talk, because it has nothing to do with his work as a musician. He explains further:

“There are people who are in the Public domain, and need it for themselves. I’m honestly not quite as sharp on it”

He was of short-run in the spotlight.

As a singer he earn his living, the mass add. Now is reached the limit, and he must protect himself. As the son of Abi Ofarim, 80, an Israeli dancer and choreographer, he learned to know the life in the focus of the company early. For his own music career he deliberately chose, after he appeared at the tender age of 15 years in the Bravo. And that is exactly what he would like to focus today re: His career. Currently, the musician is rocking in front of crowds of his new Single “Don’t stop trying”.

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