Gilmore Girls First notes – Who is the father

Gilmore Girls First notes - Who is the father to the

Gilmore Girls: a First clues – Who is the father?

Gilmore Girls: a First clues – Who is the father?

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Fans of the “Gilmore Girls” puzzles: Who is the father of Rory’s Baby? Milo Ventimigla has now given a hint .

Pretty common, actually: Without a specific prospect of a sequel, the creators of “Gilmore Girls have released” the Fans from the Comeback season. And a Cliffhanger on the way given. “Who is the father of Rory’s Baby” is the big question. But no matter whether there is another season or not – is completely unaware of the friends of the series need not die. Because Jess-starring Milo Ventimiglia (39) has chat these days, just a little secret out.

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In an Interview with the “Huffington Post” exhausted the 39-Year-old is a popular theory. “No, it’s not Jess’ Baby,” said Ventimiglia. “I have the feeling all of you are thinking, ‘but what if it comes with a Pompadour hair cut, leather jacket and a smart brain to the world’. “This hope wants to take the actor to the Fans so .

He announces a concert break .

“Just accept what you have”

And where Ventimiglia is already here, put in perspective, he also hopes for a speedy sequel to the “Gilmore Girls”. He personally does not think much of such plans, said the actor. To take a leap back in their own series-past is a great thing, he said – but then also again with the Flashback to old times. His advice to the Fans: “just Accept what you have, and that there was a small reference. This is going to be great. Not everyone gets that.”

In the plans of the producers, Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino Ventimiglia wanted to give, meanwhile, no glimpse. The impression, that you with high pressure on to the project, “Gilmore Girls” don’t work gave the Star but really: “I know it,” he said with a view to the next steps of the two Masterminds. “I’ve eaten this week with Dan and Amy to the evening, and funny enough, we have not talked at all about ‘Gilmore’.”

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