Giorgio Armani He was not a good student

Giorgio Armani: It was not a good student.

Giorgio Armani: It was not a good student.

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Designer Giorgio Armani to be admitted, a “total donkey” in the school have been to .

Giorgio Armani (78) was not interested in as a child for school, but wanted to earn money to support his family .

The Designer chatted in an Interview with the British magazine ‘Elle’ about his time at school and the beginnings of his career. He admitted that he had as a child concentration problems in school and not Learning was suitable. He just wanted to earn money to support his family. Also, he never dreamed to be a successful international fashion Star. In his opinion, his fame resulted simply from a series of happy coincidences: “In school I was a total donkey. I needed money, because my family lived under the best of circumstances, and I wanted to help,” he recalled.

It manifests itself personally to their disease.

Armani worked for six years in a Milanese Department store, where he got a first taste of the world of fashion. His strict mother woke up in the first years of her son and held together the whole family. “My mother would today belong to Top Management. We had always eat something, but it was terrible,” he laughed.

In the meantime, the Italian fashion Mogul owns nine houses and two yachts. The company ‘Giorgio Armani SpA’ belongs to him 100 percent, and thus the value of his private assets to an estimated 5.7 billion Euro rise.

The path to wealth was still no lightweight, and the fashion designers had to give up since the founding of his label in 1975, many things to pursue his dreams: “I have sacrificed my life. The life of a young man, when I started, and the life of an adult male in my age,” said Giorgio Armani .

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