Global Gladiators you need to know about the TV Show

Global Gladiators: The you need to know about the TV Show .

Global Gladiators: The you need to know about the TV Show .

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In August, we go again! Not only to live together in the Container, the Challenges will be to bring the celebrities to their limits .

“Global Gladiators” in the next round! After an exciting first season in the past year in this summer eight new celebrities to the Challenges of the Reality Game Show. To see there is “Global Gladiators” from Thursday, the 23. August at 20:15 clock on ProSieben. Everything you need to know about the Show, you can find here:

Divided into two Teams of eight celebrities will spend several weeks in a converted freight container, with which you can travel across Thailand. As if that were not enough, the Container with numerous cameras – home estates will have no opportunity, or could spell Trouble. So the to live together in a confined space is already a huge Challenge. In addition, the Teams have to ask themselves again and again, hard Battles. At the end of each sequence, the profit is allowed to decide a team, which member of the opponent has to leave the Show – and the Container. The winner will be crowned as the “Global Gladiator 2018”, and thus solves the last winner Oliver Pocher (40, “idiot”) .

For the film release of “Benjamin the elephant”

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The list of participants can be seen .

One thing is already clear: plenty of suspense and Action is taken care of – whether in the Play or between the candidates. Because the selection of participants is similar to that promising as in the first season:

In the blue Team, rapper Sabrina Setlur (44 uses, “You love me”) to travel to the Show as a Comeback in the Public: “across the country and to cope with difficult Challenges under adverse circumstances in the Team, it just irritates me,” says the 44-Year-old. Whether you can also of your players irritate? At your side, the actor Manuel Cortez (39) and Jana Pallaske (39, “Fack ju Göhte fight also”). Singer, Ben (37, “heart of glass”) is part of the blue team. He says: “‘Global Gladiators’ is a giant Playground for adults. I’m totally in the mood to push me to my limits.” Of fear of bearing rumbling (yet), no trace.

The blue Team, Red Team, consisting of no less spirited Stars is: Model Miriam Höller (31) goes after your setbacks in the past, with much Power in the Show: “For me, Global Gladiators ‘for courage, adventure and Overcome,” she explains. Also Daniela cat Bergers (31) husband Lucas Cordalis (50) and the dancer Sabia Boulahrouz (40) are part of the game. For the fire is taken care of. Joey Heindle (25, “Somewhere”) wants to get Get to the jungle crown at “I’m a celebrity me out of here!” in the year 2013 in addition to the title of the “Global Gladiator 2018” .

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