Golden camera Kevin Spacey celebrates on the Elbe

Golden camera Kevin Spacey celebrates on the Elbe the justification of the 144

Golden camera: Kevin Spacey celebrates on the Elbe.

Golden camera: Kevin Spacey celebrates on the Elbe.

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While his Fans may look forward to the third season of the hit series “House of Cards” celebrates Kevin Spacey’s Golden camera.

Hollywood Glamour in the Hanseatic city: On Friday evening, the halls took place in the Hamburg Messe, the 50. Award of the Golden camera of the program magazine “Hörzu” (since 1946) instead. Celebrating more than 1200 invited guests – including Hollywood greats such as Kevin Spacey, 55, Danny DeVito, 70, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 67, and Susan Sarandon, 68, international Top-Acts such as Olly Murs, 30, as well as the most well-known faces from the German TV-, Film – and music industry.

Who was not charged, the Grand spectacle on Saturday (28.2.) at 20.15 clock in the ZDF view. Among other things, there is then a reunion with Thomas Gottschalk, 64, as a host of a great Saturday evening show at the 12. Time, the blonde American leads the way through the Gala. Also on the program is overwhelming, funny, and also a couple of Standard speeches of Thanks.

They released a Video of her son.

The Winners.

Golden camera Kevin Spacey celebrates on the Elbe 18 carats, 25

First, the “sharp-edged and credible performer” Martina Gedeck (53, “Bella Martha-makers”), the justification of the 144-member Jury consisting of former award, to the stage asked. There her colleague, Christian Ulmen, 39, presented pretty passionate the piece of gold (18 carats, 25 cm, 800 grams) for the “Best actress National”.

“Best actor International” is the two-time Oscar-winner (“The usual Suspects”, 1995, and “American Beauty”, 1999) Kevin Spacey, because: “For years, he plays in the cinema, on television, in the theatre and, more recently, in the Internet in the first League. He is an outstanding character actor, entrains us with each new role, and surprised,” said the Jury. Laudator Jan Josef Liefers, 50, added in his speech, the Star of the Internet series “House of Cards” (2013) was a “real character actor”.

Another big winner of the Evening was the “scene of the crime is: In the pain-born” (2014, HR) with Commissioner Ulrich Tukur, 57, as a detective chief superintendent, Felix Murot. The spectacular strip with approximately 50 bodies has been awarded as “Best TV movie”. In addition, Murot got-against-player Ulrich Matthes, 55, for his villain-display the price as “Best actor National”.

But not only the Jury will decided who is allowed to call the piece of gold his own, and the readers of the magazine “Hörzu” had a say. 50 TV-the legends they chose their favorites: The audience award went to the 2011 deaths of Loriot, Bernhard-Viktor Christoph-Carl von Bülow (1923-2011). In his place the grandson of Leopold von Bülow accepted the Golden camera .

The life’s work – and other prizes.

“Life’s work”: the actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger; the laudation was held by friend and colleague Danny DeVito +++ “life’s work International”: Hollywood Star Susan Sarandon +++ “life’s work” music: producer Nile Rodgers +++ “Best music National”: singer Herbert Grönemeyer +++ “Best music International”: singer Olly Murs +++ “anniversary camera”: comedian Hape Kerkeling.

As a soloist to the industry meeting.

It was striking, too, that some TV Stars were this time without your better half on the red carpet. The award ceremony received a little bit more the character of a meeting place: TV presenter Monica Lierhaus, 44, without her fiancé, the TV-man, Rolf Hellgardt, actor Hardy Krüger jr., 46, without his wife, artist Katrin Fehringer and actress Simone Thomalla, 49, without their life companion national Handball goalkeeper Silvio Heinevetter, 30, – for it was her Ex-Partner who became ill with Alzheimer’s and former football official, Rudi Assauer, 70, in the audience.

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