Gottschalk Live Now, the little polar bear is a must

Gottschalk Live Now, the little polar bear is a must the legal

Gottschalk Live: Now the little polar bear is a must .

Gottschalk Live: Now the little polar bear is a must .

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With great excitement, the first show of Thomas Gottschalk was expected, now the disappointment is all the greater. Because Thomas Gottschalk has self-exposed – as a die boring.

Tomorrow all to turn it back on, said Thomas Gottschalk at the very end. “Then we have a small polar bear in here.” The Knut drilled spectators will Na say: “good. The polar bears give I to me.” Then with Gottschalk, though. And, after broadcast number one.

It should be a rip-roaring entry in the ARD, where Thomas Gottschalk’s career many decades ago as a radio presenter of the BR at the beginning of my. With “Gottschalk Live” was announced something like a retirement cushion. He wanted to give the viewer between the everyday and world news a half-hour to breathe, so Gottschalk in advance of the Show. Therefore, the transmitting course: forty minutes before the “Tagesschau”. And everyone wanted to see Tommy after his farewell at “Wetten, dass. “. The switch-on rate: a whopping four million. However, the big show, the master is deceived in his first show on Monday (24. January), not to breathe, but to fall Asleep.

Gottschalk Live Now, the little polar bear is a must game shows in

The Highlights of 33 years.

It seemed as if, in spite of long preparation time and large staging show before the Start, during the Gottschalk hacked on Harald Schmidt around (“I have more Facebook friends than you audience”), the show itself only scantily prepared had been .

From time to time, increased the great Entertainer, even in the middle of the pack – he was probably too sure of himself and completely without a script in the Show come from? Came out in a confused babble about the plans for the shipment (“Wulff-free Zone”), the idea of his team (“Hey, you’re from the legal Department”) and the eternal lyre from the great Tommy, is in Hollywood to home (“Many of you know, Yes, I’m with the Stars by You”). And the realization: Who Saturday evening-game shows in the can, the can’t talk long .

Also, the full-bodied announced theming of Heidi Klum and Seal’s separation turned out to be grandma’s kitchen chat: If two people want to be in show business, then a relationship is not working. Also, Yes was a Seal, unlike Heidi, the “herträgt always a wave ahead”, a restrained man. One who “always calls me Mr Gottschalk”.

Indeed, Gottschalk’s always seemed more like a tangled show star, the could not easily let go of aging -. It is also the attempt at a clever device, the funny Slippers or the visit of the Bully changed Herbig, nothing, the, in the meantime, also belonging to the face slipped: Gottschalk had dated his movie “The Shoe of Manitu” in 1992 .

Came to the aid Gottschalk and dozed spectators, then, in addition to several commercials, only the inserted weather, the outcry in time just before the “Tagesschau” again. Then probably prefer the world news.

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