Graham Candy during the Interview

Graham Candy: “I had a hard time”

Graham Candy: “I had a hard time”

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Graham Candy is just about to conquer the music world. GALA hit the smart artists from new Zealand and spoke to him about the serious beginnings in his adopted home of Berlin, and about his dream woman.

You live in Berlin, as were the beginnings there?

Well, I had a hard time, there were very hard times. I was far away from my family, my friends and my home, but I had the good fortune to meet pretty soon, a Band by the name of “ABBY” at my Label (Crazy Planet Records) to be my mentors. It could have been significantly worse .

The first Song of your album is called “Home” – Berlin is now your home?

It is my second home. New Zealand clearly has a big place in my heart.

Hilaria + Baldwin.

They are expecting their fifth child.

Can you speak German? What is the most important German words are, in your opinion ?

No, unfortunately not. I love words like “exactly”, “super Horny” and “I want a beer, please”.

What are the Stars, they had a Poster in your child’s room in new Zealand?

Something I didn’t. I was not a child who has made any Stars to be heroes. I was busy at the time anyway in order to get a girlfriend .

What are the three things you do in your spare time?

Eat, sleep and travel.

Your Album is called “Plan A” – you have a Plan B, if it should work with the music ?

What’s next? What’s in 2017 ?

I will soon begin work on my second Album and other side projects have! It’s a few exciting things coming up – stay tuned!

You will continue to live in Berlin, or are there plans to move back to new Zealand ?

I just need to find my German wife, then I can leave me here in Germany, really low.

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