Jennifer Lopez she makes A-Rod a marriage Ultimatum!

Jennifer Lopez she makes A-Rod a marriage Ultimatum!

Jennifer Lopez she makes A-Rod a marriage Ultimatum!

In the case of the singer, everything revolves around the question: when will I get the Ring? The thickness of air Between J. Lo and A-Rod to pop it in last time again and again. A perfect taste straight from the tap? Thanks to GROHE Blue Home and GROHE Red, this goes simply by the push of a button-from your home. GROHE water systems will give your kitchen that extra Shine.

Select the combination that suits your needs ideal. Because A-Rod, 42, is not sprint, it was Jennifer Lopez , 48, like, puts them all on a map and could evil be surprised … she is sure. Again.

After three marriages Jennifer Lopez wants to marry your friend, Alexander Rodriguez, and as quickly as possible. We complete each other. Together with him I relive my Golden Era. Never before I was so happy. It is pure, true love, whispers of the hot-blooded Latina exuberant.

Jennifer Lopez she makes A-Rod a marriage Ultimatum!

Her only Problem: she didn’t kick it after only a year of relationship at all in a hurry to walk down the aisle to. He speaks of his girlfriend, as that sounds not half so rosy as in his Holden. “We have a great time “, it can elicit. This includes phrases like, then: “she is an amazing girl, very smart and a great mother. “ Soft knee gets no woman. And also J. Lo tears slowly thread of patience. Finally, she’s used to it, in their relations with the tone.

She gets what she wants, it knows no different. And she is convinced that Alex is the Right thing to do, said a close friend to US media. And therefore everything relies on a card – or better said: to a CD. To give your wedding request the reprint, took it to the song “El Anillo” , in English “The Ring”. “You give me so much that I sometimes think I have it all.

But when I’m going to get the Ring? “ it States. Obvious can be a prompt to request really. Because to go by yourself on the knee, is not for the proud Latina in the bag: “I’m in love with a very old-fashioned. “ She is of the opinion, to have already so much for the relationship done.

Jennifer Lopez she makes A-Rod a marriage Ultimatum!

Jennifer came to him in so many areas, contrary to. You with him for the sake of his rigorous training program. It manages the patch work of life of the two and was even against her mother Guadalupe, who thinks that Alex is too easy to knit. Now it is your turn, know a friend. But he doesn’t want to! “Alex looks at the Moment, no need to change his relationship.

Everything goes as it pleases him “, emphasizes a well-Known. No wonder: The athlete is a burned child. His only marriage with Cynthia Scurtis, 45, ended 2008 with a war of the roses . Since then, he likes it rather indicative – and it is, just like J. Lo, usual, the pants cannot be damaged. Madonna , 59, Kate Hudson , 39, and Cameron Diaz , 45, got to feel it.

It was all served Alex, after having wanted to be matched and to urge him things, for the simply not ready. Jenny bloom is now about the same fate as your famous colleagues? Probably not. Friends are quite sure that it does not draw the line, if he was, what worried soon Shiny from the jewelry store. Even if it would break her heart. “She is a strong personality.

If he does not want to go to the next step, you will draw your conclusions. “ Even more exciting Star-stories you read in the IN – people, Lifestyle, life – every Thursday! Don’t let Stars, Styles, Beauty & Lifestyle inspiration and result is OK! in the case of Pinterest!

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