This Look of series star Christina Hendricks wowed us!

Curvy-Model-Outfit style

This Look of series Star Christina Hendricks inspires us!

25. May 2020 – 11:39 PM

Sexy and self-aware: We love Christina Hendricks!

The US actress Christina Hendricks has not pulled in the successful TV series Mad Men* only the attention of men. In her seductive role as head Secretary Joan, she has twisted some of the characters and Fans of the head. However, the 45-Year-old you could have a look at the page of Ryan Gosling in the movie Drive .

Curves are sexy – after you have seen the series Star Christina, can doubt it no more. She was even quite surprised, as you 2010 "Woman with the most sex appeal" was named: "It has I am surprised that suddenly all the world was talking about my body. I’ve always felt sexy ." From this self-awareness can cut everyone a slice! Also in this Instagram Outfit she places her Curvy Body in the scene. We will reveal how you can re-create the Instagram Outfit of Christina at home .

Pajama Look with elegance factor

Instead of close-fitting and with a focus on the Breasts, shows Christina Hendricks in her Instagram Post casual and cool. The trendy Kimono Look she drives to your house suit on the top. The silky pajama is combined with classic black accessories, metal shoes and large Hoop earrings to eye-catching part in the spring. This Outfit brings a good mood, and above all shows one thing: Even Plus-Size must not shy away from wide Silhouettes back: Everything is allowed!

These Fashion Pieces you need to style: Elegant Kimono

Christina’s house tightening in the silky pajama Look is an absolute eye-catcher, but unfortunately also expensive. An alternative Look, you can but with a Kimono to achieve the fashionable morning coat is the noble Asian variant of the sweater and looks really styled also not a little to the bedroom. For example, the Kimono of Essenza* is a suitable model to Christina’s Look, style to. The colourful floral pattern on a pink Background make it really feel like summer and sun and for 39,95 Euro this model is much more affordable.

White Basics as: Culotte, and T-Shirt

Legroom instead of Skinny Jeans! If you look at Christina’s house suit, in more detail, then you can discover that you shy away from wide legs. To be able to this Look even without the house, suit to imitate, is a stylish culottes in a classic White. The Culotte of bpc* has the typical high-water Look and not show a bit of ankle and calf, so that you sink in a mass of fabric .

Christina combines the exciting Print of the outfit, a classic white T-Shirt. The Shirt with ruffles from Gina* in power on hot days All-White-Look the matching Culotte without the Kimono properly what ago. Everyone knows it: With a Basic you can’t go wrong, and not a lot of white Shirts in the wardrobe also .

The Shoe makes the music: Metallic Heels

We love Christina’s eye for Detail! The chic shoes in sparkling silver out glitter out of your house and give Something to the Look that certain. To re-create this High-Heel-mules of Lascana*, the convinced instead of the uncomfortable Shoe, as in the case of Christina as a comfortable sandal with a wedge heel are, for example. The metallic silver is combined in this model with a summery cork. For 45 Euro the shoes are a cheaper snapper for the summer.

Accessories for the Christina Hendricks Curvy Look

Acessoires for a regulation appearance will never be forgotten – in the case of this Outfit, the simple black accessories complete the Look perfectly. The Turban gives him the last of the Oriental Touch and also serves as a stylish head covering against the sun-stitch danger. With a black sunglasses and a classic handbag in Croco optics you can do nothing wrong. Finally, Christina’s large Hoop earrings are the perfect earrings for that dramatic, extravagant pajama Look. The following parts are suitable to use:

This Curvy Look you’ll love:

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So you rock your curves in Plus Size sizes:

  1. You don’t have to pretend ! Every day, we get to hear, indirectly, that to be Slim is the most Important thing. What a nonsense! You will attract what you want, so colorful, wide, tight or transparent as you want. Because we Shine when we are just self – .
  2. You don’t have to hide: Many people, me Plus-Size sizes to hide in too wide clothes – which are even about the own size. This must not be: in fact, such Outfits will create without the proper Proportions quickly to a slightly misshapen effect, the will of the wearer is not fair. Also Plus Size can close-fitting wear!
  3. Do not underestimate proportions: Proportions and lines are everything. Who produces, for example, by Layering various optical layers of clothing, draws the eye and presents their own femininity to the self-determined rules.

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